Offshore Almanac


The last Almanac you will ever need

The Offshore Almanac provides self sufficient navigators with a wealth of long term reference data. Extensive tutorial and help sections provide a practical background and explanation of topics covered including:

Ephemeris pages for Sun, Moon, planets and navigational stars. Printable in familiar format and valid for years between 1980 and 2050 and complete with increments and corrections.
Sight Reduction Tables in Air Navigation Table style.
Sextant angle correction tables.
Distance off rising and setting lights.
Sun and Moon rise and set times with times of Nautical and Civil twilight.
Geomagnetic data - variation, dip and their annual rates of change.
Great circle course and distance plotter.
Visible Star prediction tables.
Night sky views of visible stars and planets for anywhere in the world.
Unit conversion utility.

Efficient and Convenient
When buying a conventional printed almanac most people will use only a tiny fraction of the data it contains. If your annual cruising is spent in, say, the Caribbean or Mediterranean, you'll probably not need anything for the southern hemisphere, Indian Ocean or Pacific. Neither will you need data for the time you are not cruising. Also, if your almanac happens to expire while you are away, getting a timely replacement may not be easy.

With the Offshore Almanac you need only print the pages you are likely to use and for cruising, its long term coverage means that you don't have to wait until the official version is published.

For Astro/Celestial navigation, the program prints pages of Ephemeris for Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets in a familiar format and for any year until 2050.

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An Expanding Resource
Since its first release, many new features have been added to the Almanacincluding the night sky identification guide to stars and planets, physical units conversion utility and improved geomagnetic data. It is an expanding resource that allows existing users to download the latest version at no cost. If you have any suggestions on how Almanacmight be improved or ideas for new items that you think should be included please contactPangolin tech supportwith the details.

Almanac system requirements:

  Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or 7.
  4 Mbytes RAM + 2 Mbytes hard drive space.

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