Astro/Celestial navigation program and tutorial

SextantIf you're looking for a tutorial giving a painless introduction to the ancient art of navigating by the sun, moon or stars, then look no further. If you're an experienced navigator, wanting a program that offers long term precision ephemeris, sight reduction, the utmost simplicity and one that's intuitive to use, then AstroCalc is written with you in mind.

Its mathematical routines have has been developed over 15 years and have been well proven by many circumnavigators and long distance cruising sailors. However, a main feature is its apparent lack of features, or rather, a lack of complex options. AstroCalcwill not tax your computer skills which need to be no greater than you've already used to display this pages.


The AstroCalc tutorial


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'Astro Navigation from the Ground Up'

This is AstroCalc's web style tutorial and is based upon the book "Astro Navigation by Pocket Computer" (Mike Harris 1989 - Adlard Coles). Fully Illustrated topics include:


  Basic principles, concepts and terms.
  Sextant use, adjustments and corrections.
  Taking and processing sights.
  Position line plotting.
  Emergency navigation.
  Supplementary notes and mathematical formulae.

AstroCalc system requirements:


  Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or 7
  4 Mbytes RAM + 2 Mbytes hard drive space

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