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MagVar - Magnetic variation and great circle course calculator

MagVar computes and displays magnetic variation for anywhere in the world between 60 deg. N and 80 deg. S..
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This-to-That - Unit conversions utility

Have you ever needed to convert metric units to imperial, miles to kilometres, pounds to kilograms, knots to miles per hour?This-to-That is the tool for the job and handles a whole range of other unit conversions. It's fast, flexible and compact.
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CW-Swot - Morse code practise

Need a practise code generator to help you learn Morse? Here's a versatile but very simple generator that turns a block of text into a morse sound and flashing light display. You can vary the pitch, speed and character gap of the signal produced.
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YOTREPS Reporter


This is a program written specifically for formatting position and weather observations from boats at sea. The reports it produces are in plain English text, can be read by position plotters, weather analysis and archive software and are easily passed over HF radio and e-mail.
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PhysPlot - Weather plotter

PhysPlot has the ability to turn Fleet code data (5 number groups) into a meteorological chart showing isobars, pressure systems, fronts, wind arows and sea temperatures. See the PhysPlot page for a free download.


  Plot YOTREPS reports on Google Earth


This handy utility (yotreps_kml) is kindly provided by Paolo (IK3QAR) and allows you to plot YOTREPS daily summaries on Google Earth. There's no help file but the program is so simple it hardly seems necessary as it includes only two buttons - one to load the summary text file and the other to save it as a .kml file that can be loaded into Google earth. text file. Download your copy here.