An essential tool for all SSB and short wave radio users.

Even in these times of Sat-Phones and Cell Phones, High Frequency (HF or short wave) radio remains a most effective and inexpensive method of long distance communication. The equipment is relatively inexpensive and unless you use commercial radio station services to connect into the terrestrial phone system there are no phone bills to pay. When conditions are right, you can communicate with stations anywhere in the world yet, at other times, even the most powerful broadcast stations become submerged in static or fade to nothing.

Short wave propagation is affected by many factors. The eleven year sunspot cycle has a major influence, and there are also daily and seasonal effects. The best frequencies to use depend also on the geographical location of the sending and receiving stations and the time of day. All in all, predicting the optimum frequency to use for a particular radio path is a complex task and a rather inexact science. However, with minimal input data, HF-Prop's advanced mathematical model can provide a valuable guide to those frequencies that will give best results and the changes that will occur over a 24 hour period.


How is this useful?

Keep in Touch

The Radio Telephone (Rad-Phone) service is great for keeping up with business or social contacts while you are at sea but can be frustrating if radio conditions are not up to scratch. The problems increase if your contacts are not regular radio users and confidence may be lost. Using HF-Prop to choose optimum times and frequencies for your calls is a professional approach that saves time and expense.

Get cleaner weather fax charts and satellite images

Good quality weather fax charts are only obtained when signal quality is at its best. Anything less and the chart can appear dirty or smudged and important features may be lost. Most weather fax stations operate on a range of frequencies and similar charts are usually broadcast several times during a 24 hour period. Get the best quality images, make the most of your equipment and save time by only tuning in when propagation conditions are at their best.

For better news and entertainment

International broadcast stations such as the BBC world service, Voice of America etc. all operate on a selection of frequencies throughout the HF spectrum and so that listeners do not miss programs as propagation changes, they are usually repeated several times throughout the 24 hour period. Use HF-Prop as a guide to plan your listening; get the best quality reception and avoid those repeats. HF-Prop for Windows computes Maximum Usable (MUF) and Lowest Usable (LUF) frequencies for any 24 hour period throughout the year and for any geographical route.

Special features in Version 7.00-now include:

  Real time sun position plotter shows regions of daylight, and greyline propagation
  Preloaded names and positions of Sailmail and Winlink stations and over 300 major cities
  Great circle route plots, course and distance measurements
  Split screen map display makes entering positions simpler and faster
  Map cursor position is shown as both latitude/longitude and Maidenhead QTH locator
  Improved prediction algorithm

Computer requirements:

  Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, Vista or 7.
  4 Mbytes RAM + 2 Mbytes hard drive space.

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