TideComp 2050

What's the tide doing in Portsmouth, Phuket, the Galapagos or San Francisco?

These are questions long distance cruising and racing yachts frequently need to answer quickly. Even in regions that appear to be free of tides, such as the Mediterranean or parts of the Pacific, the small rise and fall can produce some surprisingly strong currents. Many Polynesian atolls are impossible to enter when the tide is flowing out and, unless you choose your time carefully, a passage through the straits of Gibraltar or Messina can be disturbingly uncomfortable. And if you have the misfortune to run aground on a reef, wouldn't it be useful to know the time of high tide even if it's only a few centimetres?

TideComp provides all the answers, no matter where you are. Its robust mathematical algorithms have been developed over 10 years and used by numerous ocean voyagers, solo circum-navigators, Blue water Rally and round the world race participants.

For local authorities, it is used to plan dredging operations and effluent outflow control, For yacht clubs, it provides advance data for planning events and for Greenpeace, it was the way to obtain tide data for nuclear test sites at Moruroa and Fangataufa.


Gives rapid 24 hour graphs showing rates of rise and fall and spot tide heights at any time throughout the day.
Prints monthly tables of high and low tide in familiar tide table format.
Tables can be saved in HTML format for use in web pages or in other documents.
Computes under keel clearance at any state of the tide.
Indicates hours of daylight and darkness and Moon's phase.
Valid until the year 2050,
Data base of over 4000 locations covering all continents (including Antarctica) and hundreds of isolated islands.
Search functions allow tide stations to be selected by name or geographical location.
Point and click' from a zoomable world coastline chart atlas maps to rapidly locate and identify tide locations.
Computes tides at secondary ports. You can build your own personal data base of minor ports, anchorages and creeks.
Zoomable world tide selection chart with great circle plotting tool.

TideComp's graph, table and map selector:


NEW for version 9.00:

  Simplified HTML file saves for tide tables allows them to be incorporated within other documents.
  Improved MS Vista compatibility.


Computer requirements:


  Processor speed of at least 800MHz.
  Windows - versions supporting 32 bit apps.
  4 Mbytes RAM + 3 Mbytes hard drive space.

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